Saturday, May 2, 2009


SOMEONE say i look bitchy and arrogant when i dont smile. really? i thought i only looked unfriendly. LOL

small eyes
i dont really know what fetish is or izzit even a word? but i think it's nice.
im really tired but i wanna blog
i missed 3/4 of just my luck cuz i went out for dinner. pfff
and my mum scolded us b4 we left home for being late, we were, she waited for us for 30mins
and i paid 3/4 of the cab fare there which was my brilliant idea to not make her that pissed.
ihaveballettomorrow. woo, grade 8.
it seems so fast. i was still busy admiring those grade 5s when im gonna be grade 8 alr.
but yay! i'll be skipping one grade later on.. long story.
i just subscribed to a new youtuber. she rocks! i should post one of her vids. really interesting.

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