Saturday, May 9, 2009

everything's changing when i turn around.

old pictures

i have more unglam ones but it'll turn ppl on, so i wont upload it.
we were damn high on dance fantasia night. we were sec 2s, so carefree......
i wanna perform again.

such a nice scenery huh!! we got this while having our dinner.

anws, remember there was one time i cycle to the mrt right
ya there was this morn i couldnt find a pole to park my bike
then suddenly
i saw this pole, standing there, as if it's for me. yknow why?
cuz like there were so many other bikes parked around it except that pole
i felt so lucky
ya and i wanted to park my bike there but when i looked up
it says: do not park your bicycle [ with a slash over the bicycle picture ]
-____- i know right
i like keri hilson's songs & lady gaga [ woo! ] alot recently.
oh those that watch a.i? fyi american idol
omg, did you hear danny sing the song
it was super screwed up luh
trying to imitate adam, cmi.
he was trying to do high pitch screamings but it was a TOTAL failure.
joce ask me to blog bout guys...
let's see
they are from mars, we're from venus.
ya and i was talking to pooch the other day when we were training home
ugly girls get handsome bfs
chio girls get not so handsome bfs
amanda told me that when i was p6. LOL
isnt it true?
i mean there are some exceptions when both parties are chio/ugly/tall/fat/thin/short.
but, nvm. anws
i'll be the jiemei for my cousin's wedding at the end of the year again
another cousin that is
i cant believe they grow up so fast
they'll soon be aunties
why do we grow up so quickly

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