Saturday, May 9, 2009

dance dance, im falling apart.

MELIA THE MEAN POK. anws, pumping is the boobs moving action yknow??
ok i didnt realize i took so many pictures

i watched it on youtube and tried it. eh for a first-timer, i give myself 8/10.
can you see that small little bow on my head. ok nvm, there's a bigger one in anothe picture

one bunch of curly hair. omg, so cute, i like. [it's quite late, my night post is usually weirder, i think]
ya the big bow! also from youtube. LADY GAGA INSPIRED. WOO!

clowning ard

the embedding is not allowed so ya there's only the link available. but go watch!
it's britain's got talent, one of a dance grp. so cool!
eh, i 4got what i wanted to say. shit.
idk why but my stomach's always painful late at night.
but the next morn it'll be gone
or maybe it's just cramps.... YA
i think so too, ya postive. cuz i didnt get it last night
ya i should really get some half-beauty sleep.
considering it's almost 1 alr. beauty sleep starts at 11 right?
shit, the climax is from 11-1
i better rush
it's fine if you dont get me. pfffs
k bye bye

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