Saturday, May 16, 2009

click on these links to see those pictures i took with joce on mon:

album 1:

album 2:

ya, in the first album, i was wearing this flowery skirt. beige colour.
ahhh, i want that!! and the grey oversized shirt as well.
I WANT. from cotton on... =]] I WANT A RICH GUY FRIEND. just on impulse.
yup, it has been so long since i cam-whored so hardcorely.
anws, if you forgot how i looked like, which is quite impossible
not that i look very unique but im always posting my picture.
ya eh, i reduce the amt of zi lian pictures alr, since sec 2 i mean.
sec 2 and 3 was HORRIBLE.
i looked back and my pictures were damn fugly.
not saying now damn chio luh.
ya, you can click on the link and view.
oh! i just discovered something in me.
it is
i always thought that im super uncreative
but for both my chi and eng compos, if i do narrative, my content would be really interesting.
it just comes from no where. but the way i express myself is stupid
make my marks drop so low.
oh btw, i failed my paper 1 chi. ughh
im damn disappointed.
wtv, forget bout that.
went for ballet today and jie ling was there.
aiya, just saying nth else.
OH OH !!
and my lyrical hip hop teacher is wanyu's friend
the world is so small
and my eld bro's investiture dance instructor is also from the same grp, so they all probably know each other too.
i wanna a hip hop dancer as my boyfriend, or maybe pop! yes popping is damn hot. LYRICAL TOO!!
especially if they add humor into their dance. omg...
dont you think so. like same interest and everything
so far, i've not met any guy friend that is damn crazy over dance. i mean even IF they are in dance, they just dance and dont wanna go learn new dances. know what i mean.
if you really are crazy, it's just different.
ya i went to youtube to search dance blast [ NUS ]. their dance is damn nice can...
i feel so lousy. i think my choreography is like childish.
ok it's damn late now and i haven bathe.
teehee. bye

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