Friday, April 10, 2009

there's like this word going on on youtube
i don even know how to pronouce it and im not gonna try
ok maybe it'll sound like 'pawned'?

ok some me-photos.. or whatever
i just got pangsehed by joce
so im going out with my mortal for the first time 2moro!
i never went out with my angel b4 lor
my mortal must be feeling so damn excited
ok i have 3 mortals, im going out with joey
i think my mortals are becoming prettier and prettier
i had that feeling in my tummy this morn again
but it's better now
went to my mum's fren's grandma's wake just now
she changed so much
slimed down and much prettier
she has a huge ego and she is damn funny
she was on one of those shows where they slim her and her bf down and blah..
we jaywalked just now.
right in front of the sign that says no jay walking
and my mum was busy laughing.
i love to make the ssssshhhh ssss sound when someone says "i need to pee"

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