Sunday, April 19, 2009

photos. no talk.

she literally pulled this out from my mouth when i wanted to eat it just to take this picture. lol. isnt it so much nicer with my wee-bit-of-saliva-that-you-cant-see on it?

cam-whoring is tough. i know, LOL

call me to save the say. oh talking bout calling. ttyl

so hot. lol, reminds me of the retarded 'so hot' vid by that ang moh boy
running for the timer shot
forced smile

ok talking bout that calling thing
on sat night
suddenly this weird unknown number called me
so i picked up and said hello
there was no response, so i said hello again
and it hanged up
so i supposed it called the wrong number
but it called again. see i refer 'it' as it
cuz idk if it is a male or female.
so i picked up again and ask 'who's this?'
and there was no freaking reply! so i just hanged up.
then it called again like after 5 mins so i just ignored the call
it called me like a total of 4 times
so i texted it "who are you? either you quit calling the wrong number or stop making prank calls"
and it didnt reply and stopped calling.
OH! maybe it's the guy that i spoke to the other day that thought im his gf. and he's here to make sure. omg. ok i think too much
but wth, why does such weird phone stuff happen to me.
but makes life interesting. ahah

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