Wednesday, April 1, 2009

my mum laughed at me and said i look short.=/

my wonderful mum=]
i was walking home yesterday and i didnt see her from the other direction

so as i walk in front of her
she suddenly fake a guy's voice and went super low and said: OI

i didnt hear at first

then she said : OI SHU ZHEN.

i got a shocked and quickly turn around. goodness
my mum's still young at heart
then she kept laughing at that. not even funny!~

did i mention how she alters my skirt that i dont even wear now?
it was last year
i know it's damn long but since we're talking bout my mum, i'll pull this in
ya anws. cuz i bought this new skirt last year and new skirts = long skirts

so i wanted to alter it.

then my mum say: don go waste money, what you want, i help you alter

but fyi, she doesnt like me to have short skirt

so after like 2 days, i wanted to wear it to sch happily

i put it on and wonder why is it about the same length

i took it out to see where she altered

SHE ALTERED HALF OF THAT FOLDING THINGY [ yknow, the end of our skirt have this section. she folded that small part into half and sewed it together-_-!!!]

damn small luh. like makes no diff. idk if guys understand what i mean considering you don own any skirt, unless you have.


and there was council invest yesterday

i only went for the last half an hour with amanda
we were two blind birds siting together. idk why i called us birds but it sounds normal.
ya, 2 blind ppl cannot sit together. we'll be like ' can you see who who? '

'no i cannot, can you see that?' ' no i cannot '

so it's like USELESS.

ya and i didnt manage to see elgyn=[ saddened

cat high's popular person. infamous way. but ximian was in charge of cat high so she got to see him! ahhh. this year's is better i think=]



oh last night i dreamt of my brother's OG's cute guy!!!
ahhh, so cute know.
i saw the OG picture yesterday that's why i dreamt of him
and this sun is AJC's family day and i can go! hopefully can see him. HAHA. =]]]
and my brother refuses to tell me his name.
oh he and his soccer team went to shave head yesterday. wth?!?
so he's bald and looks more like malay than korean now.
i love touching his hair. he dont even need shampoo anymore.

my cute ribbons. i made then myself
this is the plaster i gave amelia for her injection DOT.
it says ' im a bimbo ' if you cant see.

why must my mum cook such good food

make me eat so much. yknow those nan hua girls wear our syf costume today.

make me feel fat suddenly

i know guys will never understand why the hell girls complain they are fat when they do not LOOK fat [we know it ourselves, just that you cant see our hidden flabby meat] just like we'll never understand why guys like to watch porn. same same.=]

ya. C.T really makes me fat. hate it. i must control my diet alr. later get diabetes.

ok i need to pong pong. bye

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