Thursday, April 23, 2009

my chinese oral sucked alot..

it was super bad. never felt so disappointed in my life b4. ok no, actually i had.
but it's really bad!!!!
oh damn..
no sch for me 2moro=]] ballet exam. nervous......
once again i thought back. my childhood during pri sch was at the daycare.
it was one of the best time in my lifes.
cuz in pri sch, idk why but i wasnt that well-liked. until the end of my pri 6 life.
ya but in the daycare. it was like, i had some seniors there and they took care of me like im their sis.
i remember having this friend called quek sing yee and she's like my cousin's age which is 3 yrs older, that makes her even closer to me. but of cuz, i lost contact alr.
we used to be damn close. like even though we are 3 yrs apart, she tells me everything, i do too.
we used to talk on the phone every night and my mum always nag at me to put down the phone. i 4got what we talked about alr but it was so good.
now i dont talk to my frens on the phone anymore.
life changes so much as we grow up
now i understand why ppl say they dont wanna grow up but when we were puny young creatures, we keep saying stuff like 'i wish i grew up faster. i wish there was a fairy that could make us all smart so we dont have to go to school.'
hey it's true! me and my lil'bro used to complain every night bout sch cuz we dreaded waking up.
oh the good thing bout sec sch is that, i actually dont complain going to sch, i enjoy it. weirdddd.

oh i found a super funny video of my lil bro shaking his ass when he is all plumb and stuff but i dont think i should upload it. embarrass him. lol. it's damn funny.

and ya, it has been a hot day [AS USUAL], sucks cuz im sweating all over in my uniform and it annoys me and i need a bath.

我的天!好有趣。我想如果我用华文来blog [ i asked my dad and he tells me the translation for block-_- ],我会用双倍的时间来做这个东东。
if you dont understand, nvm! lol

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