Saturday, April 18, 2009

im so addicted to antm......

im watching cycle 3. lol

oh and speech day today was er hem, we all know it.
had lunch after that at tiong and went home with joce
but b4 going home, we went to causeway pt to cam-whore. lol
loads. it's insane. im bit distracted now cuz i wanna go back to watch the vid so i'll make this snappy and blog more 2moro or monday.
leave you guys with peektures.

my cousin gave 2 pairs of sandals to me. this is one of them.

yay you've finally reached the last peekture of me.
this 3.80 bottle taste like soya bean. yuck. i know bottle looks cute but, taste weird after a few mouth
gao mei and me

ok yay im done

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