Sunday, April 12, 2009

i talked to a complete stranger last night on the phone thinking i know him

how dumb can i get. OMFG
it was super embarrassing
talk more about it later.

this floss was melting like shyt

sho shweet=]

i look more attractive like that.

ok back to where i was
ok i was doing my own business last night
around 12 plus
then this unknown number called
cuz i was in the midst of msging someone too
so i thought he called
but he started speaking in chi, then i was like. k it's not him
but he sounded familiar
so i thought it was ____
but then
he started calling me dear and all
i was like wait, did this guy call the wrong number or something
i wasnt sure
and we talked like we knew each other and he said so many weird things to me
so if i said "erm, i think you called the wrong number"
he'll be super super embarrassed. can you even imagine?!
but i wasnt sure yet
till the end where i try to find excuse to hang up
so i said bye
then he never hang up
and i said bye again
he said " hello. errr.... i thought you usually will say something else? "
zhen: HUH!
him: nvm nvm. good night dear.
zhen: o.o [ in my head. O-FISH ]
i was frozen at that point cuz it's freaking obvious he thought im his gf and i freaking thought he was a friend. OMG OMG OMG
then i keep saying ' eh you sound diff '
and he keeps saying 'dear, you have sore throat izzit? must drink more water ok '
'i really think you have sore throat. must take care alright.'
'do you have something you want to tell me? you sound different dear.'
edited: so what, he's trying to imply my voice sounds so terrible it sounds like i have a sore throat?! damn you whoever that is.
P.S: oh he called with his house phone btw, so we'll never ever be in touch.

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