Saturday, April 4, 2009

i need air con. badly

weekend remedial
i used to complain and whine and groan and moan, you get my point
bout going back to sch on a sat, but now, it just seems like an extended fri [ quoted by smit ]
and it's part of our schedule
but hohoho!! we dont have anything next week and im going out with joce to enjoy life. finally
ok i don think i sound like a sec 4=/

at the bus stop.

and kaimin's attempt of touching the exit sign
her aims in life is to touch high things.
for example, the EXIT sign. wow, how inspirational.
she keeps whapping into the PAT DOOR. i know there's no such word as whapping, i just felt like using it.
and this is jia yue. she's about prolly 10cm shorter than kaimin, but they jump the same height. haha
spasm shot. jia you kaimin! you're an inch away from your aim or something
after a math remedial, i pon chem
not exactly luh, considering it's optional and i have something on
and smit pon chem cuz i wont be there. aww. HAHAA
met xiu at bugis and we walked to golden landmark
so empty luh that place
the auntie at the costume shop damn bossy.
like woah.. he must be damn famous in the dance world.
he's like some legend or something. like everyone knows him! including my ballet teacher.
so connected.
when i first came into cgs and joined dance
and i hear so many things bout him and the schools he teach
i was like 'omg, im so lucky to have come into crescent dance. '
he was the one who helped us get gold with honours for 3 YEARS str.
how do i explain. like i get the best teacher in Singapore or maybe even overseas
he taught in china b4. he is freaking experienced.
it would have been my loss if i didnt join dance.
it's the same as getting the president as your form teacher.
yes!! you understand now. ok maybe it's too exaggerating
fine, the P.M. yes.
ok i need my bathe. the weather's really mean to me today. disrupt my afternoon nap
oh this morn i cycled to my mrt station cuz i 4got to tell my dad i'll be going to sch and he was still sleeping and im damn sure he'll moan and groan and nag and blame me for not telling him last night
so i just took the bike and cycled to the mrt
it feels so nice to work out for that just one bit in the morn. =]
well, then around 12 when they woke up
my mum called me to find out where i was. like duh, your daughter is suddenly missing from her bed.
then after 5 mins, my dad called and asked me if i ride the bicycle
him: did you park in a an empty space
me: ya
him: did you park at a place where all the bikes are
me: yes
him: did you lock it
me: yaa
him: did you....
me: ya ya ya. bye~
see!! he cares more bout the bike than me. saddened. ok not really. =]

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