Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i cant please everyone, and i don see a need to.

it's true isnt it. there's bound to be something you like and dont
it's part of life.
i tried sleeping at 11 yesterday
but im still equally sleepy
especially during the e math test
seems like forever
i cant imagine how next week would be like
don even want to think bout it

good friday's coming

yay! short week

oh and my L1R5 is 21. cant even go JC luh

i never knew i was that stupid.

ok im not saying poly students are stupid. it's just that, im just disappointed in my results.

ok im wasting time on this vicious thing called the computer + internet

i have a feeling my blog would be deserted when my o levels are nearing. woo

oh yesterday, i saw bobo, the black cat again

after playing with it for awhile. this guy came into the block and do that zhu zhu sound and bobo walked towards him

then i just walked away. bobo's so famous luh. so many cat lovers love shim!

the guy look quite young though. like 17-20? HAHA. i know that's a big spread but around that age luh.

k ta. i wanna watch HANDSOME SUIT!

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