Friday, April 3, 2009


i was laughed at terribly today.
i bet you guys ever believed vampires existed
like me
ya and ms vicky described them and make them so real
it's not my fault that i believed her they do.
and that lynette had to spread it to mo mo.
and amanda was busy poking straw into ppl's hair.
oh let me tell you what she did
cuz my yeo's green tea's straw had a hole, so it's damn hard for me to suck the green tea
so i went to take the long long one and use it
and amanda look at me suddenly and said: "shu zhen! you are so damn retarded"
im like huh? cuz it was super random.
then she went to buy green tea too and took the long straw
then she ask me "eh shu zhen, how you poke it in?"
this shows she wanted to be retarded like me.
i was like " you take for what?!"
HHAA then i said "i took cuz that straw cuz it had a hole, not that i was being retarded, amanda! you so damn retarded"
HAHAHA. she is super bimbo.
oh and yesterday she was laughing at her own retardedness
that's double loser. lol.jk

nicole scherzinger looks damn hot in the jai ho video. she looks indian.
ok good luck for the campfire tonight.
oh yesterday morn i saw this cute guy right
he has like baby face and it's pinkish
ok he's not exactly cute, he looks korean.
he has keziah's eyes. not xiu's LOL.
but he looks like those that if you hit lightly will complain it's damn pain kind.

and actually so many ppl knows elgyn, from my sch
and i stink
so i gtg bathe b4 pointe class.

p.s: i have fantasy and imaginary frens. you guys have no childhood!
p.p.s: i need to invest in another bottle of deo. it ran out alr.

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