Saturday, April 11, 2009

fly me to the moon~

a lot of bad things happened today
shank you ivandy for keeping me less bored for that hour or so via phone
caught handsome suit with joey today
it is hilarious
go catch it!
missed the first part of it cuz someone was an hour late
tsk tsk.
joey! you're so skinny, eat more.

after the movie
we walked out for i don know what
ya alot of ppl were wearing yellow tee
the kindness-bring it on thingy
weird but later on two guys approached us and tell us what is going on
the only thing i remember hearing is "free candy floss over there"
and there was this guy in strips shirt that is interested in joey
im 75% sure. lol
and im super tired idk why. i napped just now alr...
ya and i got my candy floss and it was a mess
de wonder joey didnt want one.

my fav shot of the day
talk to the hand i suppose? lol

it wasnt bad at all
at least i enjoyed it
more pictures with joey.
but only hated the first part of the day where i walk around alone like a retard
and keep walking the wrong direction from the escalator.
ok like im supposed to turn right but i keep turning left. so i have to reverse and go back again. =/
and i did that 3 times.
and i have 2 videos i youtubed just now.
especially those ppl who know wonder girls and the songs they sang. you'll be LMAO

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