Thursday, April 30, 2009

eyeing my mum's fuji's DLSR. [ i really want to bring it out, it stays at home too long. pls consider mummy! ]

dont you think confidence is attractive?
ok i have this avg looking friend, not from school and she is damn confident and she has this charisma that is attractive
and girls are more attracted to guys that are avg looking but have that charisma than just plain jane's brother. it's true, i mean most girls.
ya back to confidence. like what the mindchamps say, celebrate your uniqueness!
though you have small boobs or small eyes or weird looking whatever, celebrate it! some ppl might find you a bitch but some would think that like you're a really confident person and they wish they'll be like you.
fyi, im not saying im a confident person. lol.
btw, ye jing's friend is damn hot. she's is not pretty, she just looks hot.
and where's the key?
amanda and her new blue water bottle.
i believed i mentioned this event at heeren
where there was this huge carrot that came out of this dream machine and pulled me to say hi in front of the camera?
if you are my loyal reader or friend that i tell you w/o you asking, lol, ya i won a MP4!
just now the lady called me and say i won cuz my vid was voted top 5
like woah
but i cannot find it alr. she say it has been taken down after the voting session
i really didnt know what it was all about and like i had never in my life so far won something, in lucky draws? ok maybe once, a pencil box during a drawing competition where there is lucky draw too?
ya im happy. but im asking my mum to go with me, yknow in case bla bla. kaimin was like ' dont get bluffed'
haha. so cute. i bet she'll be giving me that peace sign and tilting her head down and expanding her big eyes trying to look innocent. nvm, ppl who know kaimin knows what i mean. tee hee

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