Thursday, April 9, 2009

dreams are not always opposite from reality

last night, i dreamt that i had a terrible stomach ache in school
and when i woke up, i had a stomach ache
it wasnt an ordinary pain
it was so painful i cant even stand str and even when i lie in bed, it doesnt go away
it's not cramps. it felt more like my appendix is gonna explode
i was breaking out in cold sweat too
so i didnt go to sch
but at 9 when i woke up again
i stood up and suddenly the pain disappears
so went to visit the doc and went back to sch
but my mum didnt allow me to go for dance so i went to ah ma house later on
but ya....
i missed two tests today
and im going to sleep

oh oh
and i don know what i was thinking but while waiting for the bus today
i got on the wrong bus.
i was sitting on the bus when i realize " eh! wrong bus "
so to not seem like i took the wrong bus
i took the train instead and had to walk a dist to my ah ma house. damn
and usually when i want to sneeze
i always cover to prevent my ugly moment to be shown
but whenever i lift my hand up to cover my mouth
that sneezing feeling is gone
but to not make myself look retarded [ raising up my hand for nothing ]
i fake a sneeze. dont you do that? or izzit only me......
k nite!

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