Sunday, April 26, 2009

delayed post.

sorry sorry sorry. you must have missed me terribly.
lol, jk.
ya anws.
my ballet exam, i think can get distinction.... HAHA. nah, it depends on how strict the examiner is anws. so good luck to me!
after the exam, me and ye jing went to north point to eat and spend our time away
what i did that day can definitely make it into my 'wildest things i've done in my life list' that i just created. i know.....
ok we ate at KFC. and we saw this guy's ass. his sch pants was really too small for his fat ass, and we could see his assvage [ yknow, like cleavage? ]
ya. gross, but thankfully managed to finish my meal.
then we walked around.
and we landed ourselves in minitoons and kiddy palace
the pictures are here, go see!! very interesting pictures. wildest time in my life. and no, no kiss nor sex.
ok well basically, we went to choose the largest princess dress we can find and we tried them on.
felt so 'pretty'
HAHAHAA. and the dresses are sizes for kids. we're still considered kids! yay
it was damn funny and retarded. cuz the dress made yejing look like she has saggy boobs. mine looked quite fine and normal. teehee
and we were lmao in the small changing room. when we were done, we were like 'oh shit, how to go out. later everyone see us holding this'.

so we folded the dress and pretend like we're normal
and we hang the dress back and ran out. ahahha.
then we went minitoons to buy cute rubberband. i dont know why. haha
saw this on the bus. any idea what it means?
hi im retarded

long long time ago...
'all i want is the food....'
we're a gang of hooligans. nah, grp of angels!
more pictures from free cone day!

yay choc fudge!! make you jealous
speech day <>
oh i saw this damn nice skirt at cotton on. but it was left with the last piece the design i wanted and it wasnt my size. damn=[
oh happy birthday joey! belated by one day...
glad you like your wacky present.
i've been using the word wacky alot
idk, it's like not a bad word neither is it a compliment. LOL.
i just ate crab and im going to eat mango=]]]
oh eh, this year's 红星大奖dressing for the ladies is much better but omg, their heels are freaking high?! xiang yun look super uncomfortable in the heels and it seemed too big for her and it is going to drop. i think felicia chin's outfit is cute but maybe not suitable for those formal events. on street would be good.
ok i shall not bitch too much but
if you dont bitch, you're not truly a crescentian. unless you're an angel, then show me your halo.

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