Tuesday, April 21, 2009

belated pictures
phys. it is always fun with mr tan
mask day on sat.
ok ignore this

we look like we're wearing contacts

almost our whole class went to great world city for free cone day
the queue was so long.
but it was worth the wait!
ben and jerrys ice cream. choc fudge the best!
we're kai min. see the resemblance?
twin and me. bimbos we are
and kaimin decides to join in. lol

happy with our ice cream!

it was a very good day for all of us
we ran, waited and ate ice cream together. so much fun. LOL
and then we went to macs for fries and played some stupid games.
i really hate mlg email thingy
it sucks shit
cuz the space is so limited
we dont check it like everyday
and so many things are happening
and last year becuz of that i got into some deep shit
and just recently i was being accused of being late
and ya i thought the emailer was a student. so my tone-that-got-me-into-shit came again and then in her last msg she says: pls take note of your tone in the future.
then i went to check and i think she's a teacher. haiz. i have no mood and no time and no interest in quarrelling with the discipline side anymore. sucks so much.
as i was going home today on the train
oh i went back with millie, met her at the station but she got off really early
so ya i was alone
then i started reading my old msgs.
im so surprised at how kind i was last time
srsly, i think this year my evil twin came back
when i was sec 3, i wanted to be the angel. i mean like those 'nvm nvm'
ok nvm, i shall try being nice for some time again and see. but usually i cant control my rudeness.
i hate ppl to tell me 'told you so.'
tell me if i continue to be rude my future would be bleak
like duh. you just don feel like agreeing at that moment yknow.
it's like i feel bad enough and you have to keep adding on. it's stupid.
and i used to be so close to some ppl, now they all drifted far apart, bcuz of global warming!
it melted the ice and seperated us. tee hee!
my ballet exam is this fri. good luck to me.
and chi oral 2moro.
i wish i got my old life back
it's always like this
you dont cherish something and when you turn back and see what you had previously, you regret. that's just stupid human nature.
to: maybe you really need your whole lifetime to figure it out. dont ask me if it's you.
i was nice ___ and tolerated and didnt really care much bout your attitude or charcter. but it's like, it's so different now. you are so _____ and i cant ___ with you and it hard to ____ with ___. you just ___ me off now and then even when im not ____ __ ___..
the blanks are there for a purpose, to not let anyone understand wth is going thru my head.

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