Thursday, April 2, 2009

ask me why im smiling
imaginary person: why are you smiling?
cuz my kor told me im not a bimbo. SEE SEE.
he says he is a bimbo, not me.
since he is in cheerleading, he has all the rights to be one.

i failed ss for the C.T =/
let's have dance chalet at the end of the year.=D
[ i just realize the above 4 sentences have no link AT ALL. ]


it's not the same anymore. i dont think it happened b4
after it all. it does show i guess
eh i think my blogskin getting boring-er
no? or izzit just my blogging style
i have lesser and lesser pictures.
and ms vicky said girls look better in the dark
totally agree. it does cover up your flaws.
that's why i usually take more pictures after one whole day instead of the morn.
she's damn funny cuz she is very open-minded.
this sun!! cant wait. teehee
hope to see my bro's OG's C.G
oh btw, yesterday was april's fool
how the hell did i 4get to blog bout it.
we wanted to pull a prank on mr chng but didnt manage in the end but tania did what we wanted to do. haha. for guys you should know what the prank is
then in the canteen. they ask me to go and prank ms ho
say her shirt got hole
when i approach her, she expanded her big eyes. imagine that
cuz she was shocked by me
then i said 'ms ho, your shirt got hole'
then she believed me! haha
but she realized it was a joke after that. HAHA
damn funny
but i heard one class got demerited by some teacher who cant take jokes. i know who the teacher is luh. but cannot say. must tell the juniors not to prank on that teacher, later they will get demerited .
and went home with joce after dance and it was an enriching talk. lol
went to nan hua yesterday to see how they tie their hair.
i went to say to some person as he walked past " hey, nice hair "
hahah. so funny. it looks like mohawk or something
the sec 1 boys dont know our name so they call us crescent girls. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAA. ok i just find it amusing.
last of all. sry, have too many things to mention.
i ran 2.4km today
this year they extended the dist.
either we've been running wrongly these few years or they decide to make us run 2.6km. weird..
ya my timing sucks but at least i still can get a gold.
timing: 14.52 min.
alright. i need to bathe. gah-bye

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