Wednesday, April 15, 2009


PAST AND PRESENT. [ not by order. too lazy to rearrange=) ]

after dance dinner, window shopping. day i got 'rape' by shermin.
chingay '09. ye jing and me
don know when but i knew i had to upload this picture. HAHAHAHAHA. isnt he just adorable. btw, he's my lil bro, changed so much

first side-fringe hair cut after pri sch
hiezzzzxx worxxz. im ish ahlianzzzz
my act cute picture in pri sch
when i was so obssessed over the software 'paint'. so gay i had to upload this.
first flag day in sec 3. with my twin
first date with joce after cny celebrations in sec 2
ah gong's birthday. with cousin
when zen came into my life and accompanied me in cam-whoring
when mum wanted to test out her new camera lens

crez awards '09. the circled guy is the cute guy i was talking about=]]] hee
crez awards 09! im there, see see
acjc's fun o rama
the first time i got my brows shaped at little india with my cousin. im sad we're drifting apart slowly

watching 'ballet under the stars' at fort canning with fellow ballet mates. ye jing and me
when i had my bangs. should i cut bangs again. no it was terrible.
champion seminar 2007. the day i got scolded by mdm heng cuz my phone flew out off my pocket when i ran during some game and she thinks i anyhow place me phone. wth
first time at mo's house
KFC. don know when... qiqi melia mua
after coming back from amk hub with bro
when smit still had her black specs! our first date together. i think black specs make smit look more mature
crez awards '08. the only one i went to watch. amanda, me, kanice, pei qi
starbucks after shopping at northpoint. gaying with eld bro
church outings with melia

oh oh, after PHS's fun fair?
after cat high fun fair at J8
sec 1 orientation '08?
jap trip meeting=] xiu looks like sotong. she lost weight! i've gained weight.
i still have so many other photos to upload but im but too lazy
i realize my past was awesome. all the memories those photos bring back as i was choosing which to upload from the lot
it felt so good. i loved every moment of it.
now ask me why i love taking photos again. 'for those precious memories.' i'll say.
i've not been blogging cuz i've been preparing this post. lol. i know it's lame but yo! it's like the 1000th post. that's insane. wth do i blog so much
went to UCC yesterday and today for SYF
managed to catch the sec schs one yesterday but for today
i wanted to watch today's one really badly. the jcs
we were like on bus 33 and half way there
they say it ended alr
so dumb
it's was like 3.45?
so we got off outside queesway shopping centre.
but then they say the results is at 4.20
so since we're alr half way there, we just continued going
eudea bumped into a guy on a bicycle and he fell off.
reason: running for the bus.
so we reached ucc after a long ride and saw so many schools
and it was a damn enriching experience
you wanna know how it is like, go next next year. LOL
yeah and the world is so small
i know cat high's dance choreographer. i thought he's quite young like 20 plus
and he managed to lead cat high to gold with honours!
AJC got gold with honours too. my bro's sch
haha. both actually are
that choreographer is the one that taught 4G1 the fusion dance. you guys remember?
ya he was at chingay too
thank goodness he recalls.
and my dad's back from malaysia! no more cycling to mrt anymore.
oh the other day
i was telling this sick joke [ you don wanna hear. but i might have told you alr ] to mo mo and zoey and oli, i think, across the phys lab
and mr tan just stood there and listened
i totally didnt know till i started laughing at my own joke and turn at look at him
he was giving this are-you-kidding-me look.
i was stoned for 3 secs and then 'shit'[ the word ] flew out of my mouth
and today
i was like cutting my nails in class as usual. and then i decided to pop it into my eraser. cuz like my nails are quite sharp at both edges, so i just pressed it into my soft eraser. haha
it looks quite cool and feels quite cool
i coloured it too. haha
i know it's weird. i think collecting fingernails is quite interesting. haha
eh it's not gross or weird can
at least not as weird as allison in antm cycle 12
see the vid and you'll understand. but i love her. very cute.
just watch it for 39 secs. and if you cant recognize, that girl in the picture is actually tyra banks.
oh i love fo and london too.
thanks to anyone and everyone who had ever:
-taken a picture with me
-smiled at me
- be my fren in reality.
-hugged me sincerely [ xiu!! ]
-still want to be my fren though im pretty weird
-laugh with and at
-have fun with
i just wanna thank you for adding colours into my life and my life is almost like my blog.
yeah. thanks to you guys.
honestly i cant say i truly love all of you cuz i cant love ppl who smile at me once in my whole life time cuz that could just be a stranger you banged into suddenly and say sry with a smile.
ya, i love some=]
YUCK. nvm, love you=]
p.s: i think i said alot of 'haha' in this post.

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