Sunday, March 29, 2009

YOOOO!!! i feel as if i haven blogged for damn long
my internet keeps giving me prob
and the mosquitoes bites affected me to
i know it sounds like there's no link between not blogging and the bites but there is!
it's gets too itchy to type. see the link??
oh on sat after remedial, shags, kaimin, lynette, zoey and me went to catch CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC

we went to cine to watch
oh b4 that, we were at heeren and there was this dream machine thing
we just went to k-po
they say just press the button on the machine
so i did and a box of guava came out
zoey got a banana
and when kaimin pressed hers, a lifesize carrot came out
i mean a person in a suit
the whole machine door opened
totally scared me
and then the carrot suddenly shake my hand and pulled me in front on this camera installed in the wall
and i was 'wth-ing' in my head.
then this lady explain some stuff to me and i did a survey and i got a free movie ticket at shaw house! woo
im too lazy to explain what it is all about... aiya, just some health promotion thingy
and my video would be on some web that i 4got
and the title of my video is 'it's a carrot!'
then we went to catch our movie
it is a really good movie!
rebecca is a total bimbo. lol
go catch it bimbos!
like amelia, amanda.. [ like most of the ppl with 'a' in their names are bimbos: kaimin, mohita. peiqi is special case. cuz she's the boss ]
oh wa-la! my name do not have an 'a'! =] and mine is not special case. there can only be one and that's pei qi

the oversized top that became a dress. it's like size 3? when im suppose to get size F. don ask why. some jumbo sale
we went to ssc to eat dinner. at this cafe
i look kuku
i hate my phone camera. colour damn lousy. i want a camera!
my main course!=] beary set 1. cute right!! i love the utensils
it opens up to become like that
even the tray is cute.

i have a total of 9 bites, no ten, i found a new one.
annoying mozzies can
they are having war izzit.
oh oh, yknow yesterday was earth hour right
then we told zoey to join
she said " oh, will they help us off the lights? "
major -_-
goodness!! found a new bimbo.
AND SEC 4S!!!!!
though it's not st regis nor fullerton, it's still not that bad i suppose.
im alr thinking of my prom nite dress. HAHA=]]]]]
i think the common test made me grow fatter.
but kaimin is slimming down. can see. jia you![ not literally arh ]
ok ciao. my hw is half way done only.
oh i had this long skirt last time
and i can only wear it at my waist now considering i grew up and fatter
so i cut it and sew to make it high waist skirt. smart right. lol
but my sewing skills suck luh. my mum scolded me for sewing uglyly. =/

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