Thursday, March 12, 2009

xiang - lil'bro

i just feel like talking bout him today
i realize alot of girls will like him next time
srsly, i think he is quite handsome
and he's natural
and he has a freaking wicked sense of LAME humour
[smit say jas taught her that the lamer version of lame is LAM]

and i just learnt that he like this dance style called 'jumpstyle'
i realize im not that close to him
i srsly cant imagine him with a girl
cuz he is quite awkward with them at the moment, he'll get shy.
maybe situations will improve cuz he is in a mix sch.
anws, bout the jumpstyle
i was studying chi when i heard 'bom bom bom' sounds.
it was damn funny
HAHAH. i keep seeing him jump here jump there
until after 5mins, i was too tempted to see what he was doing so i went to ask him
LOL. and i learnt bout this..
go youtube and type jumpstyle if you wanna know what it is. yeah

smit asked me a qn today," have you ever felt that you have a problem but suddenly realize you have no one to talk to? "
duh. i had that feeling countless times
those are the times where my blog is a bit emo. HHAHA
no srsly, i wish i had a pet to tell all my problems to
the other time when my neighbour just got a stray cat
which was 2 years ago
i was quite envious
in my heart and mind, i keep thinking 'how i wish i had a cat so that i can tell my troubles to'
and just few days after, i did! sometimes wishes like this come true miraculously.
but haiya, zen always ignore me -_-
haha. it's okay, i still love him
it's not that i have no frens at all to tell my problems to
i just keep thinking that, they wouldnt be bothered to listen, they wont be much of a help, or i alr know what their ans will be, and i dont wanna hear those kind of ans, or they are just not suitable. in the end, i choose no one
alot of ppl i know from online keep on telling me 'if you have any problems, you can find me okay. i'll be HERE to help you' i say ok but of cuz i know i dont mean it
i mean, how much can i trust them? i think i cant trust ppl easily after few encounters with online STRANGERS
i mean... it's complicating. yeah.
ok this is so annoying luh
btw during P.E today. total workout can
we train our upper and lower abdomens and arm strength
i perspire so much! and i felt so good but pain. it was torturous but haha, ms ang say can have flat tummy=D
but mug = fats/ flabby meat
flabby meat sounds so much better. xiu created that=]
and keziah just understand the meaning of PP today
don ask me what. wont say.
pong pong time

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