Saturday, March 14, 2009


something i saw on the way back from sunplaza. cool huh, maybe i should send it in to the newspaper
im watching venetianprincess tiara perfume contest
some entries are damn funny. HAHA
im going to wan yu's dance performance next fri
should i still go for the night cycle....
ok nvm, im having cramps.
i should do more crunches. ms ang say that can strengthen your abdomen muscles, make it less painful

i srsly think the dance jacket makes us look like wizards. like harry potter kinda ppl. eek

and i still didnt watch slumdog
the cd have some problem.
ok! im going to play some bimbo game alr
but im not one
my bro say his sch have this girl that takes out her mirror + comb to comb her hair whenever she can. if she has bangs, i MIGHT understand the need, but my bro say she doesnt. bimbo can.
and there's this another girl that's so fucking stupid. she called my bro the ugly one. wtf
not like she pretty. and she said that in his face.
i would have said 'yeah you remember? you are as ugly as i remembered you were'
cuz they kinda met once at cathay b4, and she took 20 mins to recall my bro.
stupid person
ok off i go

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