Tuesday, March 17, 2009

those flowers are given by xiu and tham during crez awards, so nice=]
im in a dillema. haiya.

oh oh, i like watching 'the hills' recently, i think lauren is really damn pretty.
i wish one day i would own a house overseas that is near the ocean and a hill so that i can go for walks on the hill and watch sunrise or sunset. how nice.. the hills is a really nice show.

and i was watching antm last night too.
omg, yknow i never do anything much. i feel so guilty slacking at home
one whole day i just finished revising e math for C.T and rivers chap. and for the next 3 days is just ka-boom, no time. damn...
nvm, i shall chiong tonight for coasts and a bit for natural veg. teehee.

ok i have to go into some deep thinking, which i always do, and use MY BRAIN.

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