Saturday, March 7, 2009


i was playing this game with smit and kaimin while going home on the last day of the course
i told kaimin to think of a number from 1 to 10
and i try to guess it
i was wrong but smit got it right
then it was my turn to think
so i thought really hard and smit got it right! kaimin got it wrong though. haha
oh b4 i go on, she totally spank-canned my butt today
she dont know her power man. she can push me to pluto
she should so get into track and field sports next time, especially throwers.
she smack me like how my mum used to canned me, i almost cried. =/
it was damn pain. it felt numb for a min after that too.
ok back to my topic
then it was smit's turn to think
and surprisingly, i got it correct!
we were both like 'ah ahhh' -ing away. LOL
it was super cool
we had great telepathy
but then after a math and chem remedial today
we tried again
both of us couldnt guess till the 2nd last ans available
at least we were the same. couldnt guess tilll second last
but no idea why we were so lousy today!

when i was taking this picture, the tour guide said something to me but i didnt hear. like 'take picture again, HAIZZZZ' maybe? idk. teehee
funny pictures
retarded constructer
how cute
advance puberty. HAHAHHA someone pissed me off today. so annoying, ugh
finally went to a doc to see what's up with that thing on my right leg
my frens would know, i always put plaster over it. haha
the doctor say it's ezigma [ dk how to spell ]
ya but it's only that one thingy
and i got some medicine, hopefully it's recover. =]
amelia! we can apply together now
and i told him i put plaster to prevent myself from scratching it cuz it's my hand that is itchy, not my leg. he says im smart. LOL
ok sry.
then we went to coffee bean to wait for the rain to stop
had hazelnut paraline cheesecake!
omg, it was so good
and we had double hot choco with marshmallows. =]]
dinner time. bye=D

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