Tuesday, March 3, 2009


we all look damn constipated right. yes it is suppose to be a jump shot. kaimin's the
pro photographer. she somemore tell us 'ok ok'. but oh wells, the background is magnificent isnt it?

almost there
not really
me and kai min
so nice omg. the colours are so natural, well it is
xi mian was suppose to crash the photo and me and kai min were suppose to get a jump shot but apparently, none was successful. LOL

inside marina barrage. how green
how black..
how red...
ok, you know your colours now. at the top.
piggybagging wu jia!
piggybagging oli
i don remember this....
at the hawker centre
at the bridge.
ok there's more. but i cant wait to upload them so here goes the first batch. teehee.

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