Sunday, March 1, 2009


yo yo yo, my title says it all
went to ssc this morn for breakfast
then went to daiso
bought the spectacles to improve eyesight
yknow those totally opaque shades but with tiny holes on it.
ya hope my eyesight will improve and become less blind
apparently oli say her eyesight improve from 45o to 250
so i'll try! but i become giddy after a while.
bought alot of other things as well=]]]
ye jing's birthday is 2moro
but i wont be seeing her till fri..
ok anws, went to cotton on later on to buy some clothes
i wanna get a blazer [ not neccesary from cotton on ]
i think it looks damn chic

of cuz there are so many more other designs which i find nicer but i was too lazy to find the photo.
ok i started cam-whoring again. cuz my swollen eye is improving and not that obvious anymore=] hehe

im finally gonna change my really small pencil box to a slightly larger one.
merlion got struck by lightning
hahahah, i saw the photo on the newspaper. there's like a freaking hole on it's head.
centre of attraction is not always good. we can learn a lesson from this. lol
i hate my laptop luh, keep making some dumb 'too too' sound
oh and eddie works at espirit of ssc
i knew i know that skinny figure. HAHA
2moro is learning journey..
and my head's still spinning.
ok i shall go absorb some social studies facts.
p.s: lend me slumdog millionaire c.d?=]

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