Wednesday, March 25, 2009

'she's' jealous of me!

[they never told me the path would be long and tiring]

this SHE isnt a norm she.
i'll talk bout HER later.
let's see, chi, phys and a math today
i bet they had a purpose to put phys and a math together
both equally shitty!
but woo!! no more studying. FOR NOW.
grr, hate that.
went to town for lunch and that's where me, lynette, pooch, shang, kaimin, nisa, aishah, mian jie saw that she-man.
ok if it isnt obvious enough, im talking bout a GAY.
he was staring at me.

and he was holding the paper and fanning himself in an AIR-CONDITIONED place.
and he gave me that disgusted look. wth, it should be me giving him that look.
that's when i went to order my food
when i walked back, he stared at me again, but instead, he use his fingers to fan himself.
but pls, i doubt it'll work.
his type of fanning is the slow type, dont even have wind luh. -_-
ya and when he finally left
he carried his taka bag on his right hand [ the sissy way ] and talk on the phone with his left hand.
shang say he prolly look annoyed at us cuz he can never have our beauty which i totally agree. haha.
hafriz was saying 'he doesnt appreciate what he has' LMAOOOOOO
after eating at taka, we walked to cine for a movie.
guess what we watched? STREET FIGHTER
if only we ate faster, we would have been able to catch confessions of a shopaholic
but still, im going to watch that show.
anws, bout street fighter
she acted in smallville. you know that mixed blood girl
omg, even when she cries or when she's dirty, she's damn pretty.
ahhh. she acted as chun li.
ok if you're really bored and like looking at pretty girls then you go catch it, if not, i rather you not. quite boring, no plot.
if it wasnt for her, the show would be a failure.
and after the show, we waited and waited. haha

cuz shang wanted to wait for the star trek trailer to come out but it took damn long
so in the end we went home
oh oh, you guys should try the new kinder joy
if you didnt try the old type b4, NO CHILDHOOD! well, the old type really sucked
this improved one tastes really good though!!!
my collection so far.
oh i saw bo bo few days back. still quite small. i'll always see it when it rains.
ok im going to eat my kinder joy alr.

oh oh, when i was walking to orchard mrt
i saw two policemen walking in front of me
you know they always have so many things around their hips
so when they walk, their hands are really spread out.
can you imagine that? haha, i wanted to laugh when i saw it
and i suppose you guys heard bout the accident at clementi mrt.
it's damn saddening
apparently this old lady fainted and she fell into the tracks.
and the train ran thru her HEAD.
i know. GRUESOME. i couldnt sleep last night.
oh the day the accident happened, i overslept. hah
ya so poor thing. imagine she being concious and then she saw the train.
i did ask ' why no one saved her '
but it's in us human that the first reaction is to run away i guess.
we're all scared to see such a thing happen b4 us
i cant imagine how traumatised those ppl that saw what happened are.
it's just a real disgusting way to die.
ok, i talked bout that the whole day. HAHA. i shall stop.
and i think my dumbness is acting up again
i've been REALLY blur these few days. started from nan hua when i mistook 'Vg' as 'halal'
wth. i know.
and i've not been answering qns ppl ask me too. like i ans something that has no link at all.
k, maybe i need a good nite rest=]
just as i finished typing that, my mum suddenly spoke.
scare the hell out of me luh.

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