Monday, March 16, 2009

Rain rain go away
it has been raining hell lot these few days
and all i can do is stay at home
goodness! i hate those drilling noises. why the hell are they always drilling non-stop.
my mum bought this when she was doing her photography job. it's handmade, so pretty right. it's 15 bucks. i wonder where her shop is. great for presents.

oh and some good-for-you-to-know things
dont hang your earrings. i've learnt a bad lesson from hanging earrings out.
they will oxidise and become rusty. and you'll have to throw them away. i didnt know they'll become rusty and i continue wearing till i get an infection. GROSS
so ya, dont hang them, put them in boxes.
i know this kinda of hangers are really chio [ kaimin's fav if it was pink ] but uh uh, bad for your earrings AND YOUR EARS.
same goes for rings.
yknow i had this damn chio gold ring that dian gave me for my birthday last year, now it's bronze
ok i think it's still chio but not all is nice when bronze. hmph
and i wonder why ppl still sell those decorated hangers. plus it's so expensive, like 20 plus?!
oh and i heard of you squash strawberries and put them on your teeth, it makes them whiter.
obviously you dont leave them on-_-, then your teeth will become red.
im not really sure, go search online.
see! you can get knowledge from the tv. haha
and you can conclude that im really bored.
and i hate K-PO'S!

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