Tuesday, March 3, 2009

this is the best learning journey ever of my 4 years in crescent
it was especially fun
and it's like our class was totally retarded. HAHA
we took SO many photos.
we went to the URA and then to marina barrage.
the stuff we learn isnt that impt, the photos we take more impt. haha


CLASS PHOTO. bit dark but we look so sweet!
im not the person at the front with a tie k. alot of ppl mistake me for her. im the one with the orange ball hanging from the pocket. HAHA
and we went flying
at marina barrage. 1/2 of the class or maybe more. it was super sunny.
im still waiting for more photos
there are so many more insane and fun photos!
cant wait to get them=]
so ya, yesterday was totally a break for the sec 4s. it was awesome
and finally, me smit millie and min yee went to B.K for lunch
and today was like slack, test, slack, test.
total of 4 test. and we slack for so long in between.
2moro is the stupid courses.
oh wells.
me, pei qi and pooch mistook some lever as a canon at the marina barrage and keziah cant stop laughing. i think keziah, amanda and kai min has the lowest level of laughing.
idk how to phrase it, like they laugh extremely easily. ESPECIALLY KEZIAH. hahahha
firm cheeks.

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