Friday, March 27, 2009

kristen kruek. chun li in street fighter. DAMN PRETTY RIGHT.=]]]]]]

we had CME course today bout our aspiration
i had too many to decide
from performing arts to showbiz to anything that deals with beauty or girly jobs.
i wanna touch at least once in my life time for all this
i have a dream to fufil b4 i turn 16
is to sneak in into a NC16 movie.
and after i turn 16, i wanna sneak someone in. so thrilling !!!
oh just to update you guys, i haven broken my resolution yet.
of not getting demerit points=] i rock, i know. TEEHEE.
oh we won chocos for the CME skit thingy
after 1 min... we eat fast. LOL
mdm ho's so nice, dont buy us cheapo chocos. the second and 3rd prize also damn good. at least no ferrero rocher or something.
and after these choco, me, elvi, yi shang, lynette and kaimin went running at the canal
to cheer kaimin and to train 2.4km
i swear it's the merciless sun that cause our timings to deprove.
i ran 14.43min. i walked like 3 stretches of road. slack.
but yi shang always run, her stamina damn good.
kaimin almost fainted after the run today
her whole face and lips were white and she stoned at a position for 5 secs. so i thought she was unconcious. and duh her eyes were closed.
then after that went for ballet lessons
i'll be taking 2 lessons from next week onwards again
thankfully i don have to take 3
the other time i kept mixing the actions up.
ivy [ ballet senior ] is getting married, we're thinking of dancing the dance she choreographed for us on her wedding. so cool right. haha.
my right foot's numb
oh im watching confessions of a shopaholic 2moro. hopefully?
today ppl not free. but 2moro will be expensive. gah
nvm, i heard it's a nice show=] looks awesome too.
and i have chem remedial 2moro. so i have to turn in LIAO.
idk why but i just felt like putting that 'liao' there.
k luh, ciao.

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