Thursday, March 26, 2009

im addicted to ANTM cycle 12. AGAIN

but they haven upload all the episodes yet. until 2 only.
i didnt know lynette watches this too!
hahaha. im telling everyone this. surprise surprise. she's a bimbo in disguise.
it rhymes =]
at sumo house after nan hua prac the other time
i look like the extra one there that totally spoil the atmosphere of glam
the phone call that took almost forever
though i dont think you'll read my blog.
thank goodness xiu reminded me today, if not i'll 4get
haha, xiu is the bridge between us. she also reminded you of my birthday.
be less ego arh.
i know winnie thru the jap trip during sec 2. she lives near me too.
ok my hw life is coming back alr. damnnn
shit i have e and a math hw to do
and we end at 1.30 2moro!
we have kick-ass timings i swear.
the sch is so good to our class.
mr lee gave us gotcha just cuz we were good during self-study. HAAHAHA.
that's funny. ppl not from our sch, gotcha's like points. at the end of the year, the class with the highest gotchas [ points ] gets some prize.
but then again
from next mon onwards, we have to go to sch by 7.05 for eng intensive. WTFISHHHHHHH.
ok im getting really tired alr. i better do my hw b4 i fall asleep.
bb and HAPPY 1hr plus in ADVANCED BIRTHDAY alfan! and your weird names.
decide on a nickname man!!
and pls take that thingy down
oh btw, i'll be taking down my flooble chatterbox thing alr.
cuz they say it's expiring since it's non-active
and i have no use of it anws. so ya, that'll be cleared automatically i don know when.
or maybe i'll just delete the html myself.
p.s: i love make-up, i cant deny it. <3

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