Saturday, March 21, 2009

i yearn for the time to dance on stage

OH OH, yesterday i went for wanyu's hall's performance
eusoff hall's "you've got a friend in me"
it was DAMN good.
she was the most outstanding one on stage
other than the fact she was super hot.
her facial expression and the way she move is the most active
she dance so well!!!
watching that made me decide on which cca i will join in jc and uni
i realize i love the time i get to perform on stage.
it just feels so good.
dance is such a good passion dont you think so!
and i saw alot of hot guys and girls. but they are all prolly 20 plus. from uni.
i cant wait for next year's end of year ballet performance!
oh darn, but the band is going to play live music that we have to dance to. boring.
save the best for the last.
it's always the begginning that is the sweetest
i haven experience once where the middle or ending is nice.
unless the end hasnt come yet.

for me,
combined used to be so exciting
but maybe bcuz we have too many of it, it's like a norm thing.
but it was still enjoyable.. there's nothing bad bout it.
state of confusion.

lunch time. =D

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