Friday, March 13, 2009


yknow in the morning when i take bus to sch
usually the bus would stop at the crescent bus stop because someone will be pressing the bell
if there isnt, i would
there was once i fell asleep and when i woke up, the bus just went past the bus stop
i cant take it when ppl take it for granted and think that the bus driver will definitely stop the bus for us. wth luh
then what's the bus bell for huh?! for you to press, bodoh!
i don understand, it's just pressing the bell so that you can get off and not walk a longer dist if you miss the stop.
really, izzit that hard or embarrassing to press it? dumb asses

oh and friday the 13th really is curses
yknow last month it was crez awards on this very day and i had my period
i had it on this very same date again.
i didnt know it was that exact.
damn it, my nose damn itchy. i need to sneeze.

ok i shall go watch slumdog millionaire now. MO MO LENT THE CD TO ME!=]
hehhee. stop me from watching luh, check my ic luh.
nani nani poo poo, YOU CANT.

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