Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy belated birthday smit!

combing her hair after messing it up by back combing it. haha

i didnt come online yesterday so 4got to blog bout her birthday
i dedicated a song to her thru the radio!
i dedicated the song ' the show ' by lenka
in my msg, i wrote a 'muahs' and mr yong read it out!!! HAHA
and i realize if ms vendetta reads my msg, she wont read everything which freaking sucks
but mr yong reads everything=]]]
ya, thank goodness smit heard it too! i put my name as seeto, cuz previously they pronounced my name [ shuzhen ] really weirdly

and i got a heat pack! so cute, from art box. smit or kimmy bought for me, idk. THANKS! it can only last for 30mins though.
BUT IT'S REUSESABLE! just put it in boiling water. =D and it's only 1.90=]
my eyebags are like the same size as my eye, no?
ok i had my chem spa today!!! the O level one.
it's the first time i was so worried
and i have my phys one 2moro
oh oh, britney spears have a new song called amy/amie.
idk, i like=] 'ha ha he he ha ha ho' that's the lyrics for one part. HAHAHHA
ok ok, i should go start revising now.
what do you call a goldfish that is bankrupt?

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