Thursday, March 5, 2009


i shall not start making any comments on this camp
cuz i dont know what i would end up saying
maybe good, maybe bad
but i heard the i am gifted course is damn fun and they will feel damn motivated.
ok one comment: im not motivated to study
but i must say, second day is much more fun than first day
i've decided not to pon 2moro.
ok some unglam pictures

some blindfolding game. quite fun=] i didnt even know karen was taking a picture
our very creative poster!
and some photos from the learning journey

our skirt was flying
i can jump, see!
bimbo pose
vietnam brides

ok im gonna watch the plastic surgery show

my mum ask me to go be a plastic surgeon next time

actually, they earn quite a bit right. tee hee, i shall consider

but i dont like blood.

maybe dermathologist or make-up artist. =]

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