Thursday, March 19, 2009


haha, that's my pm on msn too.
i have no pictures to upload
i suddenly dont feel like uploading my pictures.
i know that's good, don need to tell me. pffs.

we had combined today
it was quite hot in the afternoon
i pity those dancers. not in the mocking way, in the poor thing kinda way.

and amelia, im going to spoil your surprise.
yes i am yes i am yes i am.

today was weird. it wasnt exactly a pleasant day but it was good. idk.
oh nan hua had nothing to do with this k. don know why they keep apologizing to us.
i think you guys did a fine job. =]

oh whee! 2moro reporters and cameraman are coming to film us. hehe
ok dinner time. bye.

p.s: im getting lazier and lazier to blog. maybe it's ayg and common test. don know. i wanna watch mall cop. he uses hello kitty plasters!!! eh melia, why couldnt we find those plasters for yiyang? LAWL

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