Sunday, February 15, 2009

[how's valentines?]

as usual, im way too lazy
and i found this a much more efficient method
i've uploaded all the photos of crez awards on facebook
and here is the link!=]
smart huh

ok i didnt expect the link to be that long though.....
ya=] though i think many ppl alr use this method but who cares right!
ok. have fun
and i finally made a new ez-link card. [ i keep saying ic. ]
it's another ugly sec 1 picture of me on it
i hate my ic photo
sucks to the core
my mum say the govt will ask us to renew it again cuz our features will change
i was so happy yknow
i ask her when
'when you're ard 30 plus'
-_- thanks.....

and i want the crez awards videos! =]]]]]
send me k! and whoever has photos with me also send me. i 4got who i took with alr
but those who tagged me on fb, i've alr koped from there. thanks anws=]
ok i gtg study chem. ciao

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