Friday, February 27, 2009


today was sort of a holiday=]]
and i wore that freaking small shirt again, luckily smit had a bigger one for me=]
our x country was at bedok
KE-ZIAH! haicheng damn act cool today
i think my stamina improved=]
but i ran with my back pack cuz the teachers say we need to
how dumb
till 3/4 of the race, i passed it to nisa. thank you!
after x-country race
it was the cheer thing
i thought we wouldnt win
cuz most of us learn the things on thurs morn and we had to perform on fri
so it was a little messy at first
but we pulled through!
and we got second!
and the banner, WE GOT FIRST!!!!
but srsly, our banner is damn nice. heee
oh wells, after everything, went to lido with kaimin, zoey, elvira, oli and vivien.
was damn hungry
at orchard mrt

we caught 'he's just not that into you'
you see the advert on my blog right
i didnt think it would be that interesting
but hell no, it was freaking awesome
there are so many hot make out scene
almost NC 16 . LOL LOL.
we wanted to watch slumdog millionaire but couldnt get it. im annoyed by their stupid rule but i definitely dont regret watching he's just not that into you
it's sweet, loving and amusing
it's just super nice.
after the movie we went to oli's house
ahh, her house is so nice!!
and she's so neat
haha, i think oli is very funnny
i meant her laughter. very unique, it'll be really hard to find someone else like her.
she did so many retarded things today
like the lift door on the left opened, but she walked to the right one and almost walk into the door, maybe cuz it's mirrored but still! it's her house
HAHAHA. she has way many classic moments. i wanna go there again.
and we watched a movie at her house too
haha, she's a very good host
ok i haven bathe yet...tee hee
bye bye bye bye. today is the good day=]

generous may not be the opposite of selfish~

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