Thursday, February 26, 2009

we need talks.

yknow the pretty make-up artist i was telling you guys about previously? the one in chingay
wilson is her really really good fren
AHHHHH. i thought she is around 20 but she is actually the same age as me!
OMG. and she's so pro in make-up alr
her name is damn cool too, her surname is 'ler'.=]]
the world is so small again=]]
i just cant believe it
this is just way weird. so coincidence. im happy=D

anws, this is my class's artistic skills.
read carefully.

that's me on the swan. but i do not like to shit alot, amanda khoo anyhow write it there.
anws, yesterday while going home after dance
it was raining but sunny
and i saw a rainbow!
did you guys see it?
cuz it was there when i travel from jurong all the way to sembawang.
ya the rainbow makes me happy
dont know why
by the time i reach my house it faded
but it was damn nice when i was at kranji. the colours are super bright
and on the way to kranji, i could see both sides of the rainbow
it was picturesque.

cross country 2moro!
im looking forward to the movie afterwards
HOPEFULLY i can watch slumdog millionaire
pls pls pls pls
and there's flag day on sat.
life needs bad and good times to balance out
i guess i cant complain that life is bad if i enjoy it half of the time.
oh btw, did anyone manage to catch 'britney spears: for the record' last night?
it was really nice. after that show, britney spears is like a ordinary person that likes to joke around with her frens too but point is, she has alot of body guards but little frens. so poor thing. oh wells, you guys should watch it, it's really nice.=]
p.s: wilson's gf is so white~!

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