Sunday, February 15, 2009

swollen eye never die down

my right eye is still swollen
hate it hate it hate it
for the entire week alr
i srsly didnt peep at geraldine's nude photos, i do no such thing! why do i have a swollen eye=[[

went out to causeway point for dinner
my eld bro's birthday dinner
at breeks again. LOL
his birthday is 2moro though
but 2moro have dance, will not make it in time for his dinner

i just ate 5 strawberries. so full
my dinner was damn filling too
me and xi mian [ believe it or not, i typed kaimin and xi mian at first. wth?! ]
and that's me. so cool im on my toes!oli and me=] in the canteen
the smoke only came from one side. my side
us and dedi-k-ted!!!=]]] i shant tell youwho my c.g is in this picture. cuz he doesnt look very cute in here. not photogenic i suppose. later you all say where got. but real life he is!!!!=]]
ok i have to erm, put my bedsheet now. instructed by my mum
and my foil balloon is still flying! yay=]
if zen was still alive, my balloon would have been dead alr.
zen loves flying objects. heehee
[ sing to the rain rain go away tune ]
'swell eye go away
never come ever again
i want to look nice everyday
swell eye go away'
ok hot, sweating like crazy
and mo will go 'thanks' and i will go '-_-'
or if someone says that i will go ' sorry ' and they will go 'whatever'
ok im being very stupid now. bye!

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