Monday, February 9, 2009

new hp mini!!

i am &@*# happy to finally have a new laptop
though it shrunk, better than the laggy com
i hope my previous [crashed] laptop would be fixed and we'll have 2 lappies! yay
though the hp mini isnt pink, the design is stil chio!
it's really small though. smaller than a A4 size paper.=]]]]

ok enough of bragging. J.K, i wasnt luh, just sharing yknow yknow=]]
anws, i went to my couz house on sat right
got home at 1am plus
luckily the cab fare wasnt that ex.
i wanna play mahjong again.
so fun can.
oh and on fri we lao yu sheng in class. the 4G1 yu sheng!
so sweet huh. our form and co-form bought it for us=]]

belated chingay peektures
mdm fung and ye jing
yknow-who and mdm fung
there are still more in the cam, but it's like a big file so... wait and see lar
and valentine's day coming!!!
everyone go pa tou. [idk how to spell, it means dating]
haiz... need to go valentine's day gift shopping. but provided i can find the time to.
i doubt i have, maybe i'll give a belated one.
but last year's valentine was really a nice one.
hope this year would be as good or hopefully even better.
we'll be having macs breakfast as a class on the 14 feb. haha. the girls only valentines.
p.s: my brother is bathing and listening to the song 'tell me' by wonder girls. LOL
p.p.s: 'this is self-explainatory, go back and read it yourself'. wtf, i hate that statement the most. stupid faggot. me and pooch had alot of fun writing notes in class today. hehe

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