Monday, February 16, 2009

my f*cking bad day

i lost my freaking wallet again
my ic is inside
my just made ez-link card is also inside
im super screwed and i haven told my mum yet
i really really wish i can find it in sch or some kind soul to return it to me
it's a hot pink wallet with alot of dangly stuff hanging on the zip
pls pls, i lost a wallet not too long ago
and im losting it again
i've alr promised my mum not to lose it
somemore with my ic in it!
oh gosh=[
pray i can find it 2moro
im gonna pray so hard today

i went to the doc to check my eye
she gave me some eye drop
HOPEFULLY it works
i feel so useless
i just keep spending and spending money of my mum's

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