Wednesday, February 11, 2009

[my fav thing to draw now=]]

i think my blog posts are getting more and more boring
anws, walked from sch to orchard with smit yesterday
better lose a hell lot of calories man
of cuz i dont do it for free
smit is gonna treat me to macs breakfast on sat
she feels extra nice yesterday
keep wanting to treat me
but of being the nice and good person, i dont take advantage of ppl like that
*see that halo over my head shining brightly?
ok maybe you dont
anws, my crez awards grp name is called 'halo'
and i told the mc who is introducing us to intro me as seet.
today we had crez awards rehearsal
ended at 6
oh and i didnt take pictures lately, cuz my of my ficking swollen eye
erm if you guys wanna watch the video, it's at
but you have to download something to watch the vid
they'll prompt you.

im scared i'll have wardrobe malfunction on that day

worst thing that could happen

oh and west grand boulevard is coming! the lead singer is just hot

mo is totally crazy over him

taufik batista would also be coming!

ming brigdes too. the R.E.M girl? i dont know who she is but i'll go find out later.

keziah, stop fantansizing over hai cheng!!!!! even your nick for msn is haicheng. wthhh. you should sit in front man.

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