Friday, February 20, 2009

i miss him terribly these few days out of no reason.
how adorable huh!=]]]
i actually took this pictures to put as heading for my bro's birthday but came home late on the 16th, so didnt get to post.
he looks so much better when he is not facing the cam right! HAHAHAHA. jk
i am so sleepy today
i usually wont feel sleepy during e math but i was!
and i have changed my view on haicheng
i just love the way he gheys
he did this!!! except facing the class of cuz
ya and oh ya... i have to mail so many ppl
sry bout the ' oh yas '
i've earned 102 from chingay!
no it's not $1.02, not $10.20 either
it's $102.00!!!!
so much ey
yay, i see shopping.
nah actually maybe i should keep it till end of year or something
and i realize O levels end one day b4 my birthday
so my birthday can be used to celebrate the end of O LEVLES!!!
and i hope grad nite venue this year would be good.
there are so many things that i look forward to and not look forward to
my life has been changing
im quite lost at this moment
when i turn and want to seek ___, i realize there's no ___ there
__ was once there..
idk.. it's confusing at this point
i know it isnt the end cuz it isnt good.
p.s: phys test was W.T.H.

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