Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i found my wallet!!!

this sec 2 girl found it on the bus and gave the G.O
omg, whoever you are, thanks so much
i prayed so hard yesterday
i was freaking happy when my prayers came true
bless the lord=]

ok i need to go bathe alr
just here to share the news
and keziah's voice is damn sexy now=]]
oh oh!! i saw so many c.g on the way home today
omg, just too many
yesterday didnt see any maybe cuz i was too depressed
today i am so happy so most ppl look cute to me
eh but this morning there was this damn hot malay guy wearing shades
ahh, i kept looking at him
he was talking to the auntie sitting beside him
i think the auntie was asking him some qns. i just watched her in envy...=/
and on the way home there were quite a few.
heeeeeeeee. im grinning so much

stop pressurizing me
your way of "persuasion" is just over the top and it gets annoying
you'll just make me dislike you more.
so keep that in mind

yknow the eye drops
i have two, the first one is fine, it's clear
but the second one is coloured. white colour
so it was kinda gross
at first i thought it was some lotion that i was suppose to apply and i put it in my eye!!!
for that moment i thought i was going to go blind
but i read the instructions and i was right
so phew
but that hurts a little. make me tear
and after a while
i can taste the bitter thingy in my throat
it's like you put something in your eye you'll be able to taste it
super bitter k! i hate that thing.
ok. my picture blogger has some problem so no photos

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