Saturday, February 21, 2009

i forgot to bring home the book that has the qns but i brought home the book which tells me which qns to do. so basically, i cant do.
and i 4got to bring home my eng hw.

i know, why are you not surprised
i dreamt of something last night
i dreamt that someone did something damn bimbotic and i immediately guessed it was mo mo and i was right. it was quite natural actually. LOL
oh fyi, my eye still has that annoying thing

i went to SSC yesterday for dinner.
i think im gonna spend that money on cotton on. LOL.
their shirts are so simple and nice.

anws, went to daiso and this cup totally seduced me. i know, nth interesting but i don know, just felt like buying it
so did this chopstick
and this. =]
ok i know im wasting my money. =[ but they are cute, and only i can use it in my family, considering that's my own money=] so ya. good job!

crez awards video 1

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