Sunday, February 1, 2009

I am NOT looking 4ward to upload the whole load of photos

there are like gazillions of them.
cuz i just bathed to wash the freaking gel out and it's 'drying' now.
anws, today's chingay was awesome
it was freaking fun slapping ppl's hand
not literally slapping hardly but in a hi-5 kinda way
yeah, it was fun
but the MC's voice broke during the show
during the rehearsal today, it was perfectly fine, but when the actual performance started, heard his voice. omg so sad
it's like his voice is really good, and it had to be broken at the very impt time.
i feel sad for him... but at least he didnt back out

blog first then next post photos
last last night went back really late
i dont wanna talk bout it
except my dad finally agreed to fetch me from bishan mrt cuz there were no more train service
my eyes were shut all the way back home on the motorbike
becuz the wind kept blowing my eyelashes and it kept shutting my eyes.

my make-up was alr semi-wiped
so today [ as in chingay day ]
i woke up at 11 but was still feeling damn sleepy
but no choice
then bla went to P.A
wore the nude bra then put make-up
omg, there's this super pretty make-up artist
i took a photo with her. post it up later.
she is so so so pretty
and im so ugly in chingay make-up
really, so i didnt take much photos unless i have to.
then we made our way to city hall
the preview day was raining luh, luckily it didnt rain during the actual day
we had a rehearsal and then went back to the resting room
i finally got to play the niu nai game
omg, ficking fun can

we did dares too. luckily mine is just to dance nobody in that small grp
my other ballet fren who turns out to be hui yi's best fren needed to do an ugly face in front of the guys
she damn on. haha
then..... nth much happen was quite boring during the wait
performance time.
just smiled like crazy
oh btw!!
heard that they didnt show the chingay parade yesterday
the mc said it's today [1 feb ] at 8pm. channel 8 i suppose
not sure
remember to watch! hehehe
overall it was really fun
but not sure if i would want to do it again...
tying bun REALLY tightly damages my hair
after performing at all 4 areas and taking gazillion photos, everything ended.
i don noe but i think it's quite weird for me to wave at strangers
i don really like that feeling but oh wells, i prefer smacking hands=]
i know i still have bai nian 1 to blog bout
both of my frens' birthday fall on the same day... =/
and quit asking me so many complicated qn.
i have no mood to ans.

anws, today have train service. yes!=]
went back with juniors and some other guys from their grp
i think those guys have something for ___ & __
oh like you'all will know what im saying
but they all stay around the north region too.
ok my hair is semi dry
so goodnight=]

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