Saturday, February 7, 2009


thinking bout it, they are both bimbos. LOL
im blogging at my couz's house now
hope pooch had a great bbq.
anws, went to cafe cartel for lunch at ps today to celebrate melia's birthday!
wah expensive shit. but nvm, once in a blue moon thing. LOL
it was relatively enjoyable=]]
charmaine [ right spelling? ] is extremely knowledgeable
i think she's very interesting! she knows so much bout what gives you cancer and more
like eating too much oreo gives you breast cancer.
that's what she said. she say a guy eat a pack of oreo everyday and he got breat cancer
we were lmao. especially xiu.
ya after eating
went to jurong to meet kaimin, shang and pi qi [CLASS JOKE]HAHA
i was so freaking annoyed for being lost
me: [after walking hopelessly trying to find jp1] excuse me, where is jp1?
the lady: uh? its here. here is jp 1.
me: oh okay..
i felt damn stupid can
ya anws, finally found them and they initially thought i was some weird person that wanted to steal present. wth. HAHA. nvm
OH BTW, i wrote 'yo baba' on pooja's card
kaimin distract me luh! i wanted to write 'yo babe.'
then we went to jp2 to ice the cake
quite fun
i think our cake is pretty
i dont have the peekture, with kaimin, i'll get it and show you
ya but i wont eat those kinda cake
way too creamy

but hope pooch likes the decor
and we went searching for pooch's present
omg, so long
finally got a earring [ which i think is absolutey chio, i want one too ]
and lip gloss from face shop. cute =]
yeah, and then i made my way to kovan
i travel so damn much today
ok maybe i shall go play mahjong now=]teehee.
it has been long, i only won once-_-

p.s: i like choya. it's super sweet but i'll prefer it to red wine.

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