Monday, February 2, 2009

Greed isn't just about money -- people are greedy about time, and it's just as bad.
[ im greedy for time ]
im behind my schedule for blogging but i srsly have no time
maybe 2moro maybe on wed i don know.
so im not gonna promise anything yet now
went to my thin thin ah ma hosue on sun to lao yu sheng

all i could say while lao-ing is A1s. i kept sayng 9A1s when my bro suddenly ask me ' you take 9 subjects meh '
blonde moment
ok alfan, this is how alieny we look [ ivandy's comment ] and how thick our make up is. what's with different thickness of eyebrow luh


anws, it's so freaking connected again

my ballet fren is my brother's ex-classmate and she is the ex-sch mate of someone from DI and he is my senior cuz i so happen to be in the same pri sch. and we're under the same dance teacher. i think this kinda things makes Singapore seems so small. look, i especially capitalize the S of singapore

that sounded wrong but nvm

it's 11 and i freaking need to get some hw done

my life is quite messy now.

what do you think about touch?

i think it's pretty cool. sry that im crapping again. i shall stop now to refrain myself from going on any deeper.

i think the song HALO by beyonce is damn emo. =]

and i think the song 'too sexy' is ridiculous and entertaining.

im too sexy for my love

too sexy for my love

im too sexy for my shirt *rips off shirt

too sexy for my shirt.

that's what he freaking did in the MV. hahaa

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